Madison Goforth

I am a senior journalism major at Texas Christian University. I am a student reporter for TCU360, The Leap, as well as Facing Fort Worth. I am passionate about people. I want to tell stories that people want and need to hear. 

TCU offers allergy-free dining options

There’s a new option on campus for students with food allergies or those looking to follow an allergen-free diet. Magnolia’s in the King Family Commons Building (KFCB) doesn’t cook with soy, gluten, dairy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts or shellfish. All the restaurants in the KFCB are scratch kitchens, said Monica Luna, retail manager at King Family Commons Building. She said bringing in fresh ingredients every day makes cooking allergen-free much easier. Mia Solheim, a sophomore living in nearby M

Two brothers write for a greater cause

College is the time of your life – but for two brothers it’s a time to share their life. Mitchell and Spencer Traver have grown up in a Christian home and are now marketing majors at TCU together with hopes to share their faith with others. “Our testimony is that grace is the same for everyone — and we all need it,” Spencer said. “Just because we were raised in a Christian home doesn’t make us better than anyone on the left or right of us.” The Traver brothers didn’t originally start with the

Students find community in Belize

A group of TCU students went to Belize this spring break for something different than the beaches, resorts and good times. They went to form a community. Christ Chapel Bible Church has taken college students on a spring break mission trip to Belize for six years. Krupa Patel, a freshman biology major, said she went on the trip to find fellowship. “The biggest impact of this trip is that we all came home with 95 sweet friends who will encourage each other to pursue Jesus every day,” she said. “Being able to build relationships with other students and the kiddos in Belize was incredible.”

Students take free medical clinics to the Dominican Republic

A group of TCU students spent spring break in the Dominican Republic hoping to get experience in the medical field but many said they got a life changing experience instead. The TCU chapter of the Global Medical Training (GMT) organization traveled to four different communities and worked with doctors and translators to serve those people, said Abby Mather, a sophomore psychology major. Avery Haugen, president of the GMT at TCU said the goal of the trip was to host free clinics for small communities that otherwise have very little access to healthcare medications. “We treated 937 patients over the course of four days,” Haugen said. “The most common treatments prescribed were parasite treatments and antibiotics but we also gave out a lot of vitamins to people of all ages.”

Students come together during Interfaith Roundup

Students came together this weekend to encourage positive conversation between people of different beliefs and backgrounds. TCU Better Together and Interfaith Youth Core partnered to bring the Southwest Interfaith Roundup to TCU. The roundup included a dinner and speaker, Interfaith ice-breaker games, workshops, food, community service and more. Nasrallah Alkhabi, president of Muslim Student Association, said his favorite part of the weekend was being around positive and active people who are actively trying to build a bridge between different beliefs. “I was happy to meet different people from TCU and other schools and learn about what they believe in,” he said.

Christ Chapel goes around the world in one night

Christ Chapel made traveling to three different countries in one night possible. The event, Around the World in One Night, was held on Friday at Christ Chapel Bible Church. The church was transformed into a mission trip experience. Around the World in One Night raised awareness and excitement about the mission work Christ Chapel is participating in around the globe, said Bob Tribbel, a volunteer for the event. The first stop, after walking into the church, was the airport check-in where attendees received a ticket and a passport. Families followed the plane routes to three different countries from around the globe: El Salvador, Ethiopia and Brazil. Each stop along the trip was in a separate room and included music, food and activities unique to the country like jewelry making in El Salvador and a photo booth in Brazil.

Brite and TCU host annual Minister’s Week

TCU and Brite Divinity School partnered to bring Ministers Week back to TCU this week. Trystan Deck, a member of the Disciples on Campus ministry, said she is most excited to see everyone come together to worship and grow. Ministers week is put on by TCU and Brite Divinity School. It includes four days of inspiring worship, lectures, workshops and recitals for ministers, students and people in the community. Lea McCraken, Disciples on Campus minister and church relations coordinator, said the entire week is basically continuing education for all ministers in our nation that are disciples of Christ. “Most of the ministers this week are graduates of Brite Divinity School and are ordained in Disciples of Christ,” McCraken said. “So, it is a great chance for ministers around the country to get together, be in fellowship together, be in prayer together and encourage one another.”

Students blend religious views on the Interfaith Bus Tour

Students from the TCU religious community came together Saturday February 4th for an Interfaith Bus Tour of Fort Worth. Rachel Rudberg, president of TCU Hillel, a Jewish organization, said the impact of the tour was getting to experience so many different cultures and backgrounds. Rudberg said through the bus tour, the group was able to have open dialogue which lead to a better understanding of different religions and what each religion means to each person. “I feel like most TCU students and faculty are tolerant of other religious beliefs, but no one really knows much about them,” Rudberg said. “I think this bus tour was great because it answered a lot of the basic questions most people have about other religions.” Associate Chaplain of TCU Britt Luby said the purpose of the event was to introduce students, faculty and staff to the diverse religious landscape of TCU. “Listening to the news, it’s clear that religion is a hot topic,” Luby said. “The tour gave the TCU community a concrete way to learn about people who may believe differently than themselves.”

NFL commentator and TCU alum advises students on being “all in”

The cream doesn’t always rise to the top, sometimes it takes hard work and long hours. This was the advice of a TCU alum who worked his way up to the NFL Network. Marc Istook, sportscaster for NFL Now, has worked in entertainment, news, studio and sports for 15 years. “The people who stay the longest, work the hardest, and keep going are the ones who get the job,” Istook said. Istook spoke to journalism, sports broadcasting, and FTDM majors Thursday about how much work it takes to land a dream job. “Whoever is willing to get up early, work the extra hours and work harder than everyone else is going to get a job,”Istook said.